IBM Club Eligibility and Fee Structure Changes

*IMPORTANT UPDATE* UK IBM Club Eligibility and Fee Structure changes – effective beginning of April 2018

As of the beginning of April 2018, the eligibility criteria for a “Retiree" member will be changing and as a result, there will no longer be an Associate Member category. The new criteria is as follows:

A “Retiree" member is any ex-IBM employee with 10 years of service who has attained minimum pension age for their plan regardless of Pension Plan or whether they’re in receipt of their Pension.

In addition, the fee structure is also changing. Retiree Clubs will be free for all “Retiree" members and Local Clubs (otherwise known as Employee Clubs) will be subscription based. It should be noted that “Retirees" who have been informed that they’re entitled to free membership to an IBM Club (primarily those who have left IBM on a Defined Benefit pension scheme) will continue to have free membership, regardless of which Club they affiliate with.

Therefore “Associate" members who paid an annual subscription and were a member of a Local Club, will continue to pay a membership (as they are unlikely to have been on a Defined Benefit pension plan), but will be known as “Retirees" going forwards as opposed to “Associate" members. If you haven’t already paid, your subscription is now due.

“Associate" members who paid an annual subscription and were a member of a Retiree Club, will no longer be required to pay a subscription and will simply be known as “Retirees" going forwards. If you’ve already paid your subscription, you will be due a refund.

If for some reason, you believe you are no longer eligible, please talk to your Club in the first instance, and contact the in the second instance. There is an exception process; if a Club would like to authorise a new joiner who doesn’t fit the criteria above, a case should be presented to the IBM Trustee for approval via the Oversight Manager. Any approved exceptions will be documented for audit purposes.

The purpose of these changes are to make the definition of a “Retiree" more inclusive, more fair and equitable to those on non-Defined Benefit pension plans, in addition to levelling the playing field between “Employees" and “Retirees" in local clubs.

Kind regards

The UK Club Oversight Team